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Raptors of the World Identification Quiz for Charity

Stuck at home, or just birding locally? Fancy something a bit different to get your bird ID juices flowing? Try your hand at this video raptor quiz for a chance to win two fabulous prizes, and help us raise money for Hen Harriers!

We have two excellent prizes up for grabs. Firstly, this fantastic signed print of a male Hen Harrier, by artist Dan Evans:

And a copy of "Bird Migration" by Professor Ian Newton, which the Guardian describes as "...truly outstanding – the product of a lifelong inquiry into the annual travels of birds.":

All you have to do is:

1) Watch this video...

...and note down the names of the 30 species you see. A number can be seen in the top right of each clip which will correspond to each of your 30 answers. There are 5 rounds as follows: Accipiters (6 species), Kites (4 species), Harriers (4 species), Falcons (5 species) and finally the challenging Owls round (11 species), which should really separate owls from the owlets! Buzzard and Eagle fans will just have to wait until next time...

2) Answer the tie-breaker: What is your favourite species in the video, and why?

3) Make a donation to this fundraiser for satellite tags for Hen Harriers - the money goes to the RSPB Investigations Team. Any donation you can make, big or small, will make a difference!

4) Email you answers to: before 30th January 2021.

5) Publicise this blog post on social media etc. The more you share, the more money we can raise.

6) I will announce the winner on Saturday 30th January 2021 - entries must be emailed to me before 30th January.

Thanks so much for supporting the appeal making a difference for these wonderful birds. Sadly, they really need our help.


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